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Today I ran and it was special.

It wasn't long or fast or out of the ordinary.  No exciting people were seen.  No stories to regal people with afterwards.  The most exciting thing that happened was that I tripped over a grass covered stake and wiped out on someones lawn, only to quickly get up and look around to see if anyone saw my clumsy move.  But it was early and no one saw - unless there were some people sneakily laughing from behind their curtains.

But why was this run special?  It was special because I was running and running should always be special.  It was just me, my running shoes and my ipod blasting the Glee soundtracks at me.  I smiled at other runners that I passed on the trails and in the park, to get a smile, a nod or wave in return.  We were part of our own club, the group of Saturday morning runners. 

I started at home and ended at the dog park to be greeted by my waiting boyfriend and dog, who galloped over to see me like she hadn't seen me in days and not just half an hour.  And to answer the boyfriend's question of 'how was your run?', let me tell you, it was special.

Today I ran.

Daily Total
Time - 30 min
Distance Run - ~5km


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