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I suffer from having an over protective significant other.  He is genuinely concerned that something is going to happen to me when I'm out on my run, particularly at night.  His concern is sweet and as we do live in a rather large city, his worrying could be valid if I was running through dark alleys at 11pm.

Except tonight it made me laugh.  Because it was 7:30, the sun was shining and I was going to a family oriented park that is always filled with runners and cyclists.  The three most dangerous things I saw were:

1. A 8 week old Australian Shepherd rolling in the grass
2. A grandmother sitting on a park bench people watching, cane in hand
3. A family of 8 playing volleyball

Quite the abundance of evil, obviously.

But it does raise the question, how do you stay safe on a run?  To make the boyfriend feel better, I had my cell phone shoved in the back of my bra, but it something had happened I would be completely unable to reach it and dial and escape from attackers all at the same time.  I had headphones on, a big no-no if I want to be aware of my surroundings.  I told him where I was going, but I wasn't specific.  I have a runner ID tag on my shoe, but at the same time, my account is expired.  I work out of town a lot and am always running in new places - so in that case I let my co-workers know more precisely where I am going and how long I'm going to be gone for.  Maybe this should be practiced more thoroughly at home, but I can't shake the feeling that since I'm not going far, nothing could possibly happen. 

Even pretend ignorance can be bliss.

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